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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

40 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 2

Tonight I used three techniques after a brief warm-up/tune-in.

The techniques are numbered oddly because they are coming out of the little notebook that I use for class and the order I learned them in. So keep in mind that 1.) I am a beginner and 2.) "Technique 12" may be more challenging than a "Technique 2."

Technique 12: Focusing on the horizon

  1. Assume meditative position--crossed legs, spine straight, shoulders relaxed.
  2. On both hands, join the tips of your thumbs to the tips of your ring fingers.
  3. Bring your arms up to eye level and join the sides of your two index fingertips together so all fingers are facing outward, away from you.
  4. Focus your eyes on the horizon past the joined index fingers and stare.
Breathing: Inhale deeply through the nose to fill your lungs. Also exhale through your nose.

The point is to sustain your focus. Concentrate on your breathing, and if thoughts arise, let them go and don't give them attention. Focus on that point in the horizon, even if it's a white wall.

Time: Short, 3 minutes.

Technique 11: "4"

  1. Assume meditative position--crossed legs, spine straight, shoulders relaxed.
  2. Hands should be joined together, palm to palm, lined up with the spine. Elbows will be out.
Like this!

Breathing: Inhale deeply. Imagine the breath filling up a glass that consists of your belly all of the way up. As you inhale, feel it fill you up. Count the seconds it takes for you to inhale fully, because this technique has you inhale 4 equal times as you inhale that one breath. So you inhale in quarters--maybe 2 seconds per inhaled sniff--and then exhale the same way, in equal quarters.

Time: 9-11 minutes.

Technique 8: Curled Tongue

  1. Assume meditative position--crossed legs, spine straight, shoulders relaxed.
  2. Hands and palms are relaxed, facing downward, and will be on the rounded parts on the shins.
  3. Curl the tongue and stick it out between your lips. Inhale deeply.
  4. Close mouth and exhale thoroughly through the nose.
Time: 9-11 minutes.

Technique 3: Deep Meditation

  1. Lay on back. Close eyes. Tense/squeeze entire body--pointed toes, clenched hands, reaching fingers, clenched butt--everything! Do this for fifteen or so seconds.
  2. Relax, now. Unclench. Picture your feet letting all tension go. Slowly move up to each body part and turn it off. Alternatively, if it's easier, pretend there's a light switch that each part of your body is attached to. As you slowly move from your feet up, switch the light switch of that body part off. Do this all of the way up your head, taking your time to adjust.
  3. Rest. If you're doing it right, your body should be relaxed.
  4. After about 9-11 minutes (or whenever you feel ready), wiggle your fingers and toes to bring you back.
Breathing: Breathe deeply: in through nose, out through nose.

Time: 9-15 minutes.

This is also awesome when you're in bed and the lights are all out. It'll help you get a really restful sleep.

My notes for today:
11:08PM-11:48PM-- 15 minutes of actual meditation. Warm-up exercises before and then deep meditation after.
I learned techniques 11 & 12 last night. 11 didn't fit totally and I found my mind really fighting it, so I did it for six minutes and then went right into technique 8, instead, to finish up my minutes.

More tomorrow!

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