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Saturday, July 2, 2011

40 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 5!

Technique 2: Basic

  1. Assume meditative position--crossed legs, spine straight, shoulders relaxed--and also sit elevated on a pillow to be more comfortable.
  2. Hands should be palm-down on the rounds of folded legs with a mudra (hand position) that corresponds with what you want your meditation to be focused on.
  3. Inhale deeply. Imagine the breath filling up a glass that consists of your belly all of the way up. As you inhale, feel it fill you up. Exhale the opposite way, so the "glass" empties.
Time: 9-11 minutes.

My notes: Daily posts might be overwhelming! For now I will just stick to a new post every three or four days! I just finished up my 5th day, and I feel nice and mellow. I've been meditating outside, late at night (11 or so, but later tonight) and the sky has been very clear, so afterwards, when I'm done my deep meditation, I rest back and let my mind wander for awhile... but not too much!

The only problem with doing this late at night is that I can't really do any mantras without waking up my neighbors. I know that there are some mantra meditations that give me a nice result, so perhaps I will aim to do that earlier in the day tomorrow.

I find I am having trouble doing 9 minutes of one meditation (with the exception of Deep Meditation). I keep changing about half-way through. After five minutes, I switch to another sort of meditation. I don't think this is allowed, but right now... I'm just trying to get into a routine. Either way, I can feel a difference when I'm done.

I really cherish the deep meditation, because when I've completed the "shut down," my arms literally feel like they are stone and I am a free entity within my body. Since I do it outside on my yoga mat, it sort of feels as though I become part of the ground, and the first thing I see when I open my eyes are the stars above. I breathe in deeply for awhile, then, and come in only when it feels time.

I used to do this one often before I went to bed, so doing it everyday has been great. Although, I am almost afraid I will ruin its purpose and effectiveness if I use it too much!

On Day 3, I had quite an experience with the universe and promised to come back the next night. And I'm glad I did.

Anyway, now I'm aiming for Day 10 completion!


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