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Saturday, February 4, 2012

General Self-Bettering 101, Part l

Without going into detail, I have what seem-to-be simple goals for the next couple of months. Simple as though they may seem, it will be challenging at times. Bettering yourself, or trying, is supposed to be a challenging process, and it's not one I've recently started. Every year at this time, a bug inside seems to buzz, one that asks for a better scope, more purpose, a way to stop its own self-imposed suffering. Outwitting the ego and all of its complexities is my aim, even if it's just for a few fleeting moments of peace. As sleep was approaching last night, I grabbed my phone and listed simple goals (and who knows if the list will grow), which are/were as follows:

1.) Cleanse
2.) Study
3.) Live outside ego
4.) Take important test(s)
5.) Read some books (a.k.a. books with a purpose)
6.) Visit places - With a folder on Chrome called "To Visit," it's kind of hard to think of all of the places one wants to go but simply doesn't.
7.) Avoid using words like "I" "me" "my." - So far this has been an enlightening (delightful & refreshing, as well) experience!
8.) Set forth to really enjoy each moment.


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