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Friday, March 1, 2013

Garden, My Garden!

Prepping for planting, pH seems good-to-go for most of my vegetable beds/plots!

This year I'm concentrating mostly on different varieties of tomatoes while just growing one variety of other vegetables. So far, tomato-wise, I've started Black Krim, Rutgers, Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple, Big Rainbow, Better Boy Hybrid, Big Boy, etc.. I've switched seed companies, as well. Ferry-Morse is this year's experiment. I've heard they germinate well, and so far, so good!

It'll be an adventure either way, and hopefully at the end of the growing season, I'll have made a few crock-pots full of insanely awesome chili with some really fun tomatoes and consumed many tomato sandwiches!

This year I've also decided to go ahead and try red plastic mulch. I'd read about it in one of my gardening books before but wasn't sure if it was worth it. There's research suggesting it produces higher tomato yields, around 20% or so. How could it hurt to try? I ordered this pack from Amazon, and I'm excited to see if I notice a difference. Last year produced a fair amount of fruit, but it was less than the years previous. We'll see!


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