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Monday, November 25, 2013

Bathroom Before & Afters!

I've been working on my house for a couple of years now, trying to DIY everything. It's a very satisfying journey in many aspects, but you rarely feel as if something is complete-complete. However, my bathroom transformation is basically done, sans finding some good artwork!

Sometimes I stand in the hallway and take it all in with this little voice inside of my head going, "Yes! YES!" I replaced what needed to be replaced and kept what could stay (for now!). I recently put down the new floor (TrafficMaster Allure, Pacific Pine) and replaced all of the hardware, which pulled it together. Feels good.

Here are some before (circa 2010) & afters.



Before (*eye twitches*)




Couldn't afford a new cabinet/mirror... no problem, just covered the crappy side with some contact paper and created an entirely new look for about $3.

Frosted window film for privacy, A+. My house gets rather dark, so keeping heavy curtains off certain windows really opens up and brightens areas. There is a frosted contact paper (which I did try), but it's cheap & looks pretty awful. Upgrade to Artscape quality window films; you won't regret it! I have another of their patterned films, and it's beautiful.

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