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Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Garden: Update

While I had lofty goals for this year's tomato garden, it was probably a good thing that half of the seeds I ordered never arrived in time (and 2 months late), as, currently, my garden wouldn't have been large enough to host 12 different varieties. Even after giving away at least half of my army, I still have about 20 plants left, which I will most likely do with as I did last year, which is put them in front of my house with a "free tomatoes" sign.

Sharing, indeed, is caring.

Actual 2014 crop:
Certified Organic Beefsteak
Great White Wonder
4th of July
Giant Belgium Pink
Rutgers (while it didn't score well in my "top of the crop" for 2013, I had extra seeds around...)
Big Rainbow

Sowed indoors: February 22nd
Transplanted: April 19th
Transplanted outside for hardening: May 3rd
Planted in garden: May 18th

I await the first pick!

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