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Sunday, February 7, 2016

2015 Tomato Review

Relative comparative sizes of the crop.

Garden Layout
Row 1: 3 Super Beefsteak, 1 Indigo Rose
Row 2: 3 Red Ponderosa, 1 Violet Jasper
Row 3: 3 Big Rainbow, 1 Nectar Hybrid
Row 4: 3 Cosmonaut Volkov, 1 Pineapple
Row 5: 3 Jersey Devil, 1 Supersteak Hybrid

Instead of delving into the review right off-the-bat, let's first take a look at the glorious sights of the 2015 tomato crop! Despite how each variety tasted and placed in the review, the physical specimens this year were magnificent. There were no real "monster" mutations.

The tomato pictures below were all taken after the first pick of the season.

Nectar Hybrid
Super Beefsteak
Cosmonaut Volkov
Red Ponderosa
Big Rainbow
Indigo Rose
Jersey Devil
Violet Jasper

This year, I conducted two separate reviews: one with my dad, my loyal taste-tester from the last 3 years, and one with my coworkers. The winner from both rounds was the Cosmonaut Volkov.

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