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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Official 2016 Tomato Variety List

While most years I've taken to sourcing a variety of seed companies in order to be able to cultivate the best tomatoes with the greatest-known germination rates, for the majority of the seeds this year, I've chosen to order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Update: Green Zebra is the 2016 winner!
A delightful, fun tomato that adds color to everything. Delicious!
Green Zebra Tomato
Striped Green - 75 Days - Sweet & Sharp

Black Prince Tomato
Black/Brown - Heirloom - 70 Days - Deep, Rich

Kentucky Beefsteak Tomato
Orange - Heirloom - 80-90 Days - Sweet, Mild

Blue Cream Berry Tomato
Purple/Blue/Orange - Cherry

Weissbehaarte Tomato
Cream/Pale - German Heirloom - Juicy, sweet

Bradley Tomato
Red - Heirloom

Celebrity Tomato
Red - Hybrid - 69-80 Days

I have a good amount of seeds from last year, so I will likely utilize some of those, as well.

If you would like a pack of the seven once they've been started, come Spring, or a mix of the above variety, please let me know in the coming weeks. Message me on FB or leave a comment here. :)

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